Our manufacturing capabilities cover a vast variety of products across the beauty and personal care market sector. Numerous chemists and pharmacists help drive our innovation process, constantly providing great new ideas and opportunities for our customers, enabling them to enter the market ahead of the competition. We ensure that the right product design is delivered to the right markets.
S&J seek to implement the best practices in all its manufacturing systems, in order to provide flexibility and efficiency whilst meeting the customers’ expectations in terms of both quality and delivery. S&J provide cost effective manufacturing solutions, combining automation and extensive manual operations. 
Our aim is to build trust with our customers and be seen as ‘Defining the Source of Beauty’.
The following pages go into more detail about the types of products available. Due to our years of experience and strong relationships we are able to provide an extremely wide and diverse range of products. So if the product required has not been mentioned do not hesitate to contact us, we tailor our services to the needs and requirements of each client for complete personalisation and customisation.