S&J UK is based in Wimbledon in London. It was set up here in 2009 in order to provide the UK and European markets with S&J International’s services.
Opening the office in the UK has allowed S&J to broaden their market awareness, allowing them to respond to clients needs, requirements and expectations much more efficiently. 
The Western market often looks to the Eastern market inspiration and vice versa. Therefore this has allowed good relationships to be built and knowledge to be shared.
The S&J UK office acts as the main point of contact between UK & European clients and the S&J headquarters. With an in depth insight into how S&J International functions in every stage of the relative project, the UK office can provide a smooth, coherent and efficient service.
S&J UK aim to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible by eliminating communication and coordination issues.   
In addition to the teams in Thailand, S&J UK can also offer marketing and design services. We help with new product development and account management. Being in the UK means there will always be a representative from S&J to oversee the project with face to face contact if required.