S&J offers comprehensive turnkey services, from creative product design to effective supply chain management. Having such a wide range of available services often helps us to exceed expectations at all stages, achieving the highest customer satisfaction. Each project has a team that is determined to individually tailor the service required, catering to all your needs.

S&J’s integrated IT solutions incorporates SAP software and aims to constantly provide updated information to ensure the supply chain is managed as effectively as possible throughout.

Design, Packaging & Procurement

Differentiation through attractive design has always been at the forefront of S&J’s thinking when developing products. S&J fully understand the packaging can be the key to transforming and enhancing a products performance. Its respective design helps deliver the right product, to the right market. The company operates an extensive vendor management programme to source packing for a multitude of accredited suppliers around the world.

Product Performance Testing

S&J develop leading science evaluation systems to validate high performance beauty products, support great claims and maintain fantastic sensory perceptions.

Supply Chain

S&J is committed to operating a flexible and reliable supply chain system ensuring correct deliveries are made on time, in full. Integrated IT solutions are used to facilitate and effective and precise supply chain.

S&J’s manufacturing facility is located 5kms for Leam Chabang one of Asia’s largest shipping ports, a highly strategic location for effective global supply.

Brand Support

Understanding the importance of accurate brand application ensures each brands unique values and styles are consistent throughout. Always taking into consideration each area of the design process, branding concepts, innovation, function, appeal, rationale and emotional engagement.

Continuous research and development of creative methods, concepts and trends ensure pace is kept with the fast-moving and ever-changing world of design. Adopting ideas from all over the world and gaining fresh perspectives helps to bring out the best in each brand. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our attention.

S&J provide a full service for all of your seasonal promotional products. Taking care of everything from concept, through to completion. We can offer a full range of packaging and accessory solutions, overseeing all management and implementing and executing marketing concepts.